Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making the Grade

Currently enrolled in the three courses and doing well in all of them, (A's) (that's about as pompous as I get).  In order to get my foot in the door for Nursing School as soon as humanly possible, I have a few hurdles to jump.  Nothing major, but there are some tests required and coursework to be accomplished.

Not only do I need to complete the Developmental Psychology Course in order to be accepted completely into the program, yet now I have to finish a Thinking Critically and Creatively Course.  I only need that course for the second school I am trying to be accepted through.  It may be an extra course that I don't 'need' right away, but I am certain it will help me in the nursing profession, regardless.  I was a little bummed out when I heard that I had to take that course AND Introduction to Sociology, but so be it.  I will do what I have to do.    Also, in attempt to get into the second school I need to complete an updated Accuplacer Exam.   It's basically a test to gauge a person's knowledge prior to being accepted in a program.  Well, I am uncertain if they are aware or not, but I have been enrolled and completed THREE technical college programs over the last 12 years.... I think I am good.  BUT.....  as before, I will do what I have to do. 

In the summer I will be finishing that course and most likely tackling Intro to Sociology as well so I can just get it over with.  At the end of summer I will be two courses away from being done with all pre-nursing courses. Advanced Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology are going to be attempted.   If I don't get into a (ANY) Nursing Program in January 2014, I will simply be taking any courses that I can to aid in the program of any school so I have less credits when I am completely enrolled and starting my program.  

I am applying at two schools because one  of the schools is more willing to accept interested students once they have done the pre-course work as well as completing a competitive HESI Exam.  I am nervous to take that exam because any student that wants to start the following semester can test and be accepted; yet they don't know how many students will show up for the exam.  I hope I do well so I can have my schooling for becoming a nurse be official. That exam takes place in the fall of this year after I complete a petition to enroll and test.   If I get into the program, when completed with that semester I will transfer to the school more close to home.   We shall see.   Just some more hoops to hop through... but I'm doing it with a smile on my face. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ya Live, Ya Learn

It's been almost a month since the last post and my how much I have learned, processed and participated in since then.  The long and the short of it:

I added another class onto my credit load for this semester.  I am currently taking Intro to Psychology (online), Anatomy & Physiology and the latest, Developmental Psychology (online).  I may be crazy, but I am working towards my goal.   At the end of last month I took into consideration all the course combinations I could be taking and what would be challenging/easiest with my full time job and the boys and my home life.  I decided that if I were doing two courses, I may as well be doing three as it will simply take a bit of the stress off when I am in the core nursing program.  I also applied at another school for nursing so that I am increasing my chances of getting in sooner than the fall of 2014.   My goal now is to get into nursing school the Spring of 2014.  IF I don't get in then, I will simply have a semester (plus the summer) to take some more courses prior to the core program to help alleviate stressors within the program.  I will take whatever I can get to get moving ahead towards my goal of having "RN" after my name.  That's all I can write for now, I have to get back to studying.