Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here We Go Again....

Carson had his follow-up in ENT yesterday to follow-up on the recent ear infection in his left ear that occurred one week after his tube fell out.  He had been on antibiotics and finally completed them for the 14 day course.   For those of you who don’t know the vicious cycle of an ear infection and the CYCLES of ear infections my little boy has had since he was four months old…. It goes something like this:
Child begins having trouble falling/staying asleep
Child fevers (Carson stopped this symptom at 6 months old)
Child pulls at ear due to the pain
Ear drum ruptures (if symptoms not recognized quickly enough) OR child is brought to Clinic to see Dr.
Child started on antibiotics for 10 days.
Child begins to feel better.
Three days into the antibiotics the child gets a yeast infection because all the good bacteria are killed in the diaper region.   Diaper rash usually gets out of control if child is not started on Acidophilus and pumped full of yogurt!
Child begins to feel better yet again.
Antibiotic course is completed.  Child comes BACK to the clinic to be followed up on 7-10 days following the course of antibiotics at which time…. the doctor notes “That there is some fluid behind his ear drum…   If he starts becoming symptomatic, bring the child in to see us.”
Two days following the doctor’s appointment, the child begins having trouble falling/staying asleep.
Child fevers.
Child pulls at ear due to pain, etc… etc…. etc.. on and on and on and on.

This was Carson’s first year of life.  The entire cycle takes 4-5 weeks…..There has not been one hiatus…. It has been consistent and exhausting.  My poor child has been to the doctor more times than I would like to count.   My child also has a difficult time enunciating his words and articulating sounds with his mouth.   He is scheduled to see a speech pathologist later next month.   I am hoping she can give us some pointers on helping him with his words and strengthening his verbal interactions. 
I am tired of seeing my child tug at his ears.  (And the other one picking his nose—HA!)

I want my son to sleep well every night for the rest of his life.

I want to stop bringing him to the clinic unless they are well-check visits. 

Ear tube placement will take place next week and I hope and pray that this is the END of ALL ear infections for my child. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

What I Love About Nathaniel...

What I love about Nathaniel….

He loves his ‘juicy’ cup in the morning.  I already have it ready for him when he wakes up because I know what his first words will be.
He likes to watch movies—especially snuggled up close to his mom.
He is officially potty-trained!!!
He wakes up slow (like his mommy) and wants it quiet and dark until he is READY for the day… 10 minutes usually. 
He is highly sensitive (like his mommy) and wants an explanation for EVERYTHING.  (the “Why”)
He loves going to church.
He picks out his own outfits for the day AND the books he wants to read at bedtime now. 
His vocabulary is EXPLODING and having conversations with him is AWESOME!  He makes me laugh.
He takes care of his brother but still has some hesitancy in sharing with him (age appropriate). 
He is a sweetheart.

I still remember the moment you entered my life.   You gave me so much to be thankful for (most importantly that you weren’t in my tummy any more).  From the second I held you for the first time I was in love with your eyes, your button nose and those cute little toenails.  You have always showed your silly side to your mommy and I LOVE that you are so relaxed with me.  I know you like to snuggle with your teachers at school- and that’s okay.   You are such a sweet and considerate soul—when you see your friends cry at daycare you hug them and want to know ‘what’s da matta?”  (I LOVE that about you).   You are a SERIOUS ham and are always ‘acting’ for me even when you don’t know I am watching you.  I think you have an amazing imagination that is just now starting to get active.  You love to laugh and when you do, Nathaniel, my heart melts.   Greatest sound on the planet is hearing you giggle. I LOVE that you like music and dance your little heart out when we play music.  I wish I could videotape you each time you get those arms swinging when you run, you look so determined.  You are going to get places Little Man.   I love you so much!  
Love, Mama.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Livin' Life

It's been a GREAT week! Nana and Papa came through last weekend and the boys had a BLAST! Nana took them for their first officially wagon ride of 2012.

They did very well and Nana said they were looking at the birds and noticing things all around them as they came down the sidewalk. While the boys were tooting around the neighborhood in the Radio Flyer, Papa Bill and I were working on trimming and eliminating some of the Arbor Vitae in the backyard of my place. There is barely any light in the backyard due to the two large maples back there. We did our best to trim out every branch we could from the other trees to start. We need a professional to come in and get the large (okay, GINORMOUS) branches from the maples out. I fear that one severe thunderstorm is going to rumble through some time and one of the branches (which probably weigh 2 tons) is going to fall through the house and kill either myself or my little babies. I got an estimate last year and the landlord seemed as though he didn't find it important. I am going to 'press' again and push for it. It's about safety people!

The yard started to look GREAT by Sunday afternoon! Patio furniture and the birdbath were put out (YEAH!) and Boomer has enjoyed a few hours basking in the sunlight and the grass.

The boys have been SO much fun outside in the last week. We are having a BLAST! Almost every night they come in (close to 7:30) and are just SO tired they pass right out. Notice Nathaniel was trying with all his might to sneak out of bed after I tucked him in, but the little bugger didn't make it.

I made a personal improvement. I got my hair done! I have not had it cut or colored by a professional for over a year or so now. I thought it was time. It felt SO great to be pampered for an hour and half. (I don't have a picture because.well, there's not really anyone who can take a picture of it.! HA!) I actually fell asleep in the hair drying contraption thing.. the timer went off and I almost jumped right out of my chair.

 Another improvement in my home was made. I purchased a used couch and love seat off of Craig and His List. It was a decision I needed to make. We needed some more seating in the front room and I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I didn't want anything that was too 'nice' because I know that the boys are gonna trash it over the next few years. I do however want it to be somewhat stylish and mix with the things I love. Well, I found it. I pulled the two leather chairs from the back room and moved the other couch to that room. I absolutely love the look. I feel comfortable. The only thing new I think I am going to purchase for this room will be a large floor lamp with giant shade. We shall see. Every other piece came in with the move, was given to me or purchased off of CL.


And now my favorite experience of the week. Now that Carson is in his toddler bed he knows that he can escape and play about with his toys when I leave him in the room with the door closed (for his own safety). (I have a monitor in there). Well, he likes to read his books and I have caught him more than once waiting for me in the rocker with a book or two. Looks like I didn't make it in time. This just melted my heart when I saw this!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miles of Smiles

There were two little men who decided they wanted to brush their teeth together tonight......

Not to mention they did have some individual time to themselves as well. 

Nathaniel enjoyed his quiet time in the bath once his brother was in bed.

Here's what Boomer thought of it all.....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Long and the Short of It

I am divorced.  

Never thought those words would leave my mouth.

I am at peace.  

Never thought that I could say that with such confidence so soon after it was official.  

Life goes on. 

Back to living life. 

Sharing my happiness and being positive is an okay thing to be.   I missed this Jacki.  Glad to have her back and stronger than ever. 

I've been able to snuggle my boys and laugh with my boys again.  To breathe easier and deeper than I have in a while. I have laughed out loud even!   I have taken the concept that my life, though uncertain at this stage, is right where it should be.   The people surrounding me and the people I am focusing on are just who they need to be at this very moment.  Transition.   A deck of cards being shuffled.  Every single card out of place and it's up to me to turn them over one by one and evaluate and categorize and organize to give 'the deck' order and purpose. 

Good thing I like to sort, align and organize things.    BRING IT!