Monday, March 26, 2012

What I Love About Nathaniel...

What I love about Nathaniel….

He loves his ‘juicy’ cup in the morning.  I already have it ready for him when he wakes up because I know what his first words will be.
He likes to watch movies—especially snuggled up close to his mom.
He is officially potty-trained!!!
He wakes up slow (like his mommy) and wants it quiet and dark until he is READY for the day… 10 minutes usually. 
He is highly sensitive (like his mommy) and wants an explanation for EVERYTHING.  (the “Why”)
He loves going to church.
He picks out his own outfits for the day AND the books he wants to read at bedtime now. 
His vocabulary is EXPLODING and having conversations with him is AWESOME!  He makes me laugh.
He takes care of his brother but still has some hesitancy in sharing with him (age appropriate). 
He is a sweetheart.

I still remember the moment you entered my life.   You gave me so much to be thankful for (most importantly that you weren’t in my tummy any more).  From the second I held you for the first time I was in love with your eyes, your button nose and those cute little toenails.  You have always showed your silly side to your mommy and I LOVE that you are so relaxed with me.  I know you like to snuggle with your teachers at school- and that’s okay.   You are such a sweet and considerate soul—when you see your friends cry at daycare you hug them and want to know ‘what’s da matta?”  (I LOVE that about you).   You are a SERIOUS ham and are always ‘acting’ for me even when you don’t know I am watching you.  I think you have an amazing imagination that is just now starting to get active.  You love to laugh and when you do, Nathaniel, my heart melts.   Greatest sound on the planet is hearing you giggle. I LOVE that you like music and dance your little heart out when we play music.  I wish I could videotape you each time you get those arms swinging when you run, you look so determined.  You are going to get places Little Man.   I love you so much!  
Love, Mama.

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