Friday, March 23, 2012

Livin' Life

It's been a GREAT week! Nana and Papa came through last weekend and the boys had a BLAST! Nana took them for their first officially wagon ride of 2012.

They did very well and Nana said they were looking at the birds and noticing things all around them as they came down the sidewalk. While the boys were tooting around the neighborhood in the Radio Flyer, Papa Bill and I were working on trimming and eliminating some of the Arbor Vitae in the backyard of my place. There is barely any light in the backyard due to the two large maples back there. We did our best to trim out every branch we could from the other trees to start. We need a professional to come in and get the large (okay, GINORMOUS) branches from the maples out. I fear that one severe thunderstorm is going to rumble through some time and one of the branches (which probably weigh 2 tons) is going to fall through the house and kill either myself or my little babies. I got an estimate last year and the landlord seemed as though he didn't find it important. I am going to 'press' again and push for it. It's about safety people!

The yard started to look GREAT by Sunday afternoon! Patio furniture and the birdbath were put out (YEAH!) and Boomer has enjoyed a few hours basking in the sunlight and the grass.

The boys have been SO much fun outside in the last week. We are having a BLAST! Almost every night they come in (close to 7:30) and are just SO tired they pass right out. Notice Nathaniel was trying with all his might to sneak out of bed after I tucked him in, but the little bugger didn't make it.

I made a personal improvement. I got my hair done! I have not had it cut or colored by a professional for over a year or so now. I thought it was time. It felt SO great to be pampered for an hour and half. (I don't have a picture because.well, there's not really anyone who can take a picture of it.! HA!) I actually fell asleep in the hair drying contraption thing.. the timer went off and I almost jumped right out of my chair.

 Another improvement in my home was made. I purchased a used couch and love seat off of Craig and His List. It was a decision I needed to make. We needed some more seating in the front room and I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I didn't want anything that was too 'nice' because I know that the boys are gonna trash it over the next few years. I do however want it to be somewhat stylish and mix with the things I love. Well, I found it. I pulled the two leather chairs from the back room and moved the other couch to that room. I absolutely love the look. I feel comfortable. The only thing new I think I am going to purchase for this room will be a large floor lamp with giant shade. We shall see. Every other piece came in with the move, was given to me or purchased off of CL.


And now my favorite experience of the week. Now that Carson is in his toddler bed he knows that he can escape and play about with his toys when I leave him in the room with the door closed (for his own safety). (I have a monitor in there). Well, he likes to read his books and I have caught him more than once waiting for me in the rocker with a book or two. Looks like I didn't make it in time. This just melted my heart when I saw this!

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