Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Long and the Short of It

I am divorced.  

Never thought those words would leave my mouth.

I am at peace.  

Never thought that I could say that with such confidence so soon after it was official.  

Life goes on. 

Back to living life. 

Sharing my happiness and being positive is an okay thing to be.   I missed this Jacki.  Glad to have her back and stronger than ever. 

I've been able to snuggle my boys and laugh with my boys again.  To breathe easier and deeper than I have in a while. I have laughed out loud even!   I have taken the concept that my life, though uncertain at this stage, is right where it should be.   The people surrounding me and the people I am focusing on are just who they need to be at this very moment.  Transition.   A deck of cards being shuffled.  Every single card out of place and it's up to me to turn them over one by one and evaluate and categorize and organize to give 'the deck' order and purpose. 

Good thing I like to sort, align and organize things.    BRING IT!

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