Friday, November 9, 2012

Effective People

People say I'm organized.   People say I'm efficient.  People say I'm a positive person.   People ask "How do you do it?"  Well people, I have the same amount of hours in a week that you do--- 168 VERY busy hours.   Do you have a hard time managing a messy-house?  What about grocery lists and the financing of those groceries?  Do you miss deadlines/appointments/events because you don't remember when they are?  And most importantly, do you take on too much?

From the moment I wake up in the morning with the boys, to evenings with Boomer curling up next to me and stealing all my covers.   I have compiled a list (in my spare time) of the tips that I know that help me become an effective multi-tasker, organized, planned-out momma.  Enjoy!

  • Create a to-do list.  Think on paper.  I have at least 3 to-do lists going--but just starting with one when you have never done it, will be sufficient for you.  I have a to-do list for 'today,' 'long term' and 'house projects.'  Purge ALL your thoughts on paper about what needs to get accomplished for you to feel at peace.    Once you have done the list, next to each item right the day of the week you will do that task and commit to doing it.  
  • Think in Energy -- not time.    This is about knowing yourself and when your peak hours for functioning are.   My peak hours are around 8p.m. until midnight.  I have always operated that way -- even when I was in middle school... it carried through my life with me.  That is when I get most of my work/projects/chores done.   If you know that on a daily basis you are too mentally exhausted after work to do things-- do them right away in the morning!  Yes, this may take some sacrifices like not playing on your phone for 20 minutes or watching mindless television for an hour, but if you want to be less stressed out, make a MOVE!
  • Print off a monthly 'box' calendar and fill it up.  Every detail.  Use different colored pens for different members of your family or categories.  Print off more than one and plaster it in the places you will see it every day.  Next to your nightstand, in your car, at your desk at work.  keep it UP TO DATE!
  • Visualize the day.  When you wake up in the morning-mentally walk through your day and what you want to be accomplished and proud of when your head hits the pillow again.  (This is highly effective for me). If this is too difficult for you to carry through on; set up 3 MIT's (Most important to-do's for the day). Accomplish them.
  • Learn to say "No!"  That simple.   
  • Complete what you start!   When you begin a task don't go on to another one until it's complete.
  • Maintain a clutter free work environment.   A lot of this skill is learned.  You have to train your brain to think like a filing cabinet/tackle box.   If you can do that, your work environment slowly becomes simple and organized.
  • Close your mouth and LISTEN MORE!   When you get the urge to interject, be quiet and listen! It's amazing the things you learn about people through just listening observing. 
  • TURN OFF THE TV!    This is huge.  I hear some people complain, "I don't have time for that?  When would I be able to manage that? etc.. etc.."  Then in the next breath (of their useless chatter) I hear, "On____ (television show)___and  (television show)___ last night, I saw this person act this way to the other person and they made jokes and drama and I watched it mindlessly for 3 hours!"    Really?!   Get off your duff and be productive --don't whine about how time you don't have.
  • Decide a task.  Execute it.  
  • Prioritize your work.   Example:   Phone is ringing, dryer machine dings that it's done with laundry, a book needs to be read by tomorrow morning and your child has a bleeding finger tip.  What do you deal with first?  Apply this mentality to tasks-they will disappear painlessly much quicker than you expected.
  • Print off a grocery list template.   I have a 2 page Word Document that I print off on a bi-weekly basis.  I highlight the items I need.   I estimate costs and set aside that amount of money in cash-- leave my check card in the vehicle.   Most importantly; I STICK TO THE LIST- do NOT deviate!   That simple.   I use as many coupons as I can to cut back on costs.   I am becoming well-versed in this. 
That's not everything but that's just a few of my tricks that get me through each day.   I hope you can utilize some/all of these as you can to make your life more simple and organized. 

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