Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Magic

Time to bundle up for parade FUN!

This year "Jingle Bells" (Nathaniel named him) finally made his way to our home.  He is a magical elf that Santa sends down from the North Pole after Thanksgiving to watch over the house.  He reports back to Santa EVERY night on how good the little boys and girls are who are in the house (Even the mommys!)  Each night he usually finds a new place to hide out.  "Jingle Bells" can NOT be touched.  If he is touched by ANY human hands, his magic disappears and he will most likely return to Santa that night and not return until the following year.  The boys and I are having SO much fun every morning waking up and trying to locate him.  Sometimes Nathaniel predicts where he will be the next day, and HE'S THERE the next day (he has REALLY good ears!) 

Christmas Parade, 12/1/12.

Breakfast with Santa at Eagles Club, 12/2/12

Boomer showing his Christmas Spirit

St. Nick came to visit us on the night of 12/5/12.
Carson was SO excited with his new cars and coloring book.
Nathaniel shows off his new toothbrush.  He got the Cartoon Avengers Movie and a Superman Cape! ! !


A little quiet time at the library with Momma.  Carson loves to color and Nathaniel ran right to the computer to show me he knows how to use the mouse.


My snow angels in the first fallen snow of the season.
Carson was fascinated as he most likely doesn't remember last years.
I came home to a little gift from Santa for the boys--two little shovels for the boys. Thanks, Santa!

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