Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1st??? How did that happen?!

With a crazy amount of disbelief that it is July 1st, I begin this post.  It has been quite a while since I have filled you in on the Hopes, Wishes and Dreams that are playing out on a daily basis.  Let me do my best to catch you up in a condensed version that won't bore you to pieces. 

The last six months have been focused 100% on getting through my nursing program.  I have learned a ton, know that this is the path I am destined for and can not be happier to say that I am ALMOST finished!  When working the other night in the ER, one of my co-workers asked how much longer I have until I graduate...."12 Weeks," was my response.  As soon as I said it, I took a quick inhale as I felt that there was no way that was all that was left.  I remember my mother saying to me at the beginning of last year, "This is just a snapshot of your life, Jacki.  It is temporary and it will be done before you know it."  I knew she would be correct in her assessment and at times I did need to remind myself of those statements to get me through the discouraging days.  More than anything I am excited to give all of that 100% focus back to my boys.  They SO deserve it!

Really???   Twelve weeks from now?  Are you sure?

Between working in the ER, tutoring students (as my second 'job'), completing seven courses and maintaining a 'B average' throughout, completing three clinical requirements for class, getting Carson to completion of speech therapy, going through the legal process to solidify 50/50 placement of the boys, maintaining the home and simply getting the laundry done on a weekly basis; I am quite exhausted.  Being able to complete all of this gives me incentive to push out these last 11 weeks of class and preceptor-ship as a student nurse and walk across that stage in confidence.  As I prepare for the NCLEX-RN, I fear not passing.  I know I have the knowledge necessary to pass, I simply need to focus, be positive in my answers and show the State that I know what I am doing and I will have the minimum competency standards to prevent harm to any of my patients.   

The boys are growing so fast!  Nathaniel is currently in summer school and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  He is interested in baseball in the backyard, riding his bike down the sidewalk (still has training wheels), writing out letters in his name and catching some 'big whoppers' whenever he can. 

Carson has transformed into a "Skylander Loving" boy (I still don't understand what they are all about).  He enjoys playing with anything with wheels (still), loves dumping out ALL the Lego pieces onto the living room floor and leaving them.  He has also become a very good buddy to Boomer (our dog).  He is affectionate and very silly and will for certain be the social butterfly of our home. 

I love both of them so much!  The weather has improved to the point where we can go to the park almost every night when they are home with me.  Most recently we have gotten an ice cream cone and driven through the zoo in the evening hours, which they both enjoy very much. 

My Hopes:  I hope to coast through this last quarter of school with confidence, while still building my knowledge and skills for my graduation goal.

My Wishes:  The boys and I can enjoy these beautiful summer months and remain healthy throughout.

My Dreams:  Walk across that stage in 12 weeks to receive my Associate Degree in Nursing.  To pass the NCLEX-RN on my first attempt.  Acquire a full-time nursing position locally within two months of graduation.  My focus will be building a life for me and the boys that give them the opportunities to travel, learn in knowledge and God, and to guide them in becoming kind, polite and well-mannered, compassionate little men who have no qualms in reaching out to others who need a helping hand. 

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