Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello friends,

Just stopping in today to say THANK YOU for your continued support. Your support means the world to me and I am so grateful and honored!

I took a break going inward and needing some privacy to deal with all of the curve balls that life has been throwing at me these days. But I also choose to not write about my personal life because I wasn't sure how YOU, the readers of HWD, would respond.  

I continue to find huge comfort and relief in others bloggers writing by knowing someone else had been through something similar and therefore removing the loneliness and frustration I've often felt as a parent and as a woman. Some posts have opened my eyes to things I didn't previously understand and have changed the way I think. Taking a break has helped me to understand that as long as I'm not going out there with the intention of hurting or offending there's nothing wrong with expressing an opinion AND that it's actually necessary where blogging is concerned.

I wish there was more time in the day and that I could say with great certainty that you will be seeing a lot more posts around here. However, spending quality time with my sons and taking time for me are still my greatest priorities and will continue to come first. I can, however, promise you, quality posts written from the heart that at times will be messy and convoluted like life. My heart is BURSTING at the seams with stories- about parenting, postpartum depression, relationships, single parenting, weight loss, my new digs and my renewed faith in Christ.

Seriously, I AM BURSTING with things I need to share and I hope that, you, my readers will respond positively. I also hope to hear your stories and feature some of them on here too. Sharing is a source of great healing and in doing so I hope that together can create awareness, inspire others and that ultimately this blog will be better for it.  So, please, "FOLLOW ME" in the link on the upper left of the page and Welcome to Hopes, Wishes & Dreams.... 

Thank You

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