Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Egg-citing Time

The boys are SO much fun right now. 

The weather has turned its season and we are officially in spring.   With that come the evenings outside, more ice cream treats and a drive through the zoo (the boys love the deer).  Driving longer distances—as I feel safer, and LOTS of walks on the bike trail behind our house.   

Last week I finally got the playground equipment set up in the backyard.  The picture here is showing Nathaniel’s FIRST trip down the slide in the new location…. He MISSED his slide!   Carson enjoyed the swing and wanted to be pushed again and again.   

You will see in the background Boomer is on the prowl.  Boomer has found a friend in our backyard….   Well, I don’t know if Friend is the right word.   It’s a chipmunk and Boomer practically BEGS me to let him out each morning as the chippie is usually grazing on seeds in the grass.  Boomer will bolt out the door and chase that little guy up the gutter pipe.  Boomer will scratch, whine and bite at the gutter as long as it takes me to go grab my pair of shoes and shuffle out there with my beautiful ‘bed-head’ and yank him back to the house.   The chipmunk likes me for doing this.  One of these days, Boomer will get him… I don’t want to witness it.  For being a Rat Terrier Mix, Boomer is ready to destroy him.

Carson has been in great spirits since the completion of his second left ear tube placement.  He is more active and is verbally testing himself with hums, tongue movements and shrieks and screams.  I am thrilled he can finally hear himself.  Lots of “Momma” and “Mommy!”   I love it!

Easter with the boys was a BLAST!  This was a special Easter for me simply because I took to heart the TRUE meaning of Easter and what it means to me and everyone else...whether they have faith or not.  I felt a lot of shivers go down my spine in church on Sunday with what the pastor was saying.  So thankful for what Jesus did for you and me.  Happy Easter!

The boys had a total of four separate egg hunts over the last couple weeks and got candy at each one.  My house is a sugar goldmine.  I HAVE to bring it to work so I don’t eat all of it.  I have begun Weight Watchers and am excited to make some progress in watching the scale go down.  I will post some Easter pix and our trip to the Harlem Globetrotters Game last night soon.  

P.S.   I LOVE SPRING TIME! !!!!!!!

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