Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oh!  So much to update you with, but let me give you the low-down as quickly as I can so the next post you are able to keep up.

  • Carson's ears are ROCKING!  His speech is improving amazingly well. We saw a speech pathologist for him; he is 18 months and was at a 12 month verbal recognition stage 3 weeks ago.
  • Boomer had a ginormous histiocytoma removed from his left back elbow.   He got 5 stitches, refused to wear the cone and is currently snuggling under my right arm.
  • I went to a Brewer's Game.   Weird because I have never been there without.....   But I had a LOT of fun and the game even went into extra innings.   The tailgate prior to the game was FANTASTIC.
  • I bought a house.
  • Oh wait, WHAT?!  Yep.  Closing is scheduled for next month.  Can't WAIT.
  • I have moved every item up from the basement and it's currently in the garage preventing me from keeping my vehicle in there-- hoping for no major thunderstorms.
  • Nathaniel's vocabulary is amazing and he is REALLY a funny kid.  I am loving his inquiries into "Why" for everything. 
  • I bought a hammock, can't WAIT to set it up at the new place.
  • There is a new friend in my life who is helping me through all the chaos and He (yes, HE) has his own chaos and we are great company for each other right now.... each of us is currently trying to figure out which way is up after the craziness we have endured.   I feel like I have renewed hope after he has taught me a few things about resilience and strength. 
  • I have started digital scrapbooking again-- it's been over THREE years! (Hmmm... Nathaniel is 3 now... Coincidence?  I think not.)  I am smiling when I do this and can't wait to share my life through Creative Memories.
  • Personalized license plates.   Love them.
  • Really enjoying being in the kitchen recently.  I get on kicks where I will try a couple new dishes and then I putter out for a couple weeks and then I go at it again.  Nathaniel LOVES to help me in the kitchen-- even if it is just to put a sprinkle of cheese into the pan.  I have to get another stool soon; Carson tries to stand on the bottom step and they just compete for top step.  
  • I am determined to fit into the pre-pregnancy snowpants I wore by winter this year....  I know.  It's May.   But Winter could be here in 5 months! !   Not long at all! 
  • I have a "Best Mom in the World" Sweatshirt that I wear on the weekends at home, and it is BY FAR the GREATEST article of clothing I own.... along with the PJ pants I made last year.  
  • My best buddy, Summer graduated from Nursing School! SO PROUD of her!  She has been a HUGE support through everything and even though her last few months have been wild, I am so thankful she is my friend! 
  • Work is crazy.  Patients get sick. Patients recover.  Patients die. Hours are watched closely now and I am working less than my scheduled hours to help the department maintain its budget.   
  • Donald Driver won Dancing With the Stars.   Need I say more?

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