Thursday, July 12, 2012

Consumed by Life

Hello Friends

The past eight weeks or so have been consuming.  Day to day 'normal' activities still continue (laundry, dishes, getting sand out of the kid's hair after daycare, send birthday cards to friends, attend church, walks and visits to the park) as does getting comfortable in our new home and neighborhood !    We are SO blessed.  I'm happy with my decision to purchase the home.  The boys are starting to relax more and more each day and I see the multiple benefits of the move that are indescribable unless you have been in my shoes within the last year.

I am happy.

Motivation is starting to bubble up and I am more focused on my health now than I have been in about... 10 years.   I'm eating WELL. Moving more.   Drinking less caffeine (only one cup of coffee in the AM --instead of 6).  I am feeling well!    I feel like I'm falling back into my social self rather than the introverted hermit who consumed my winter. (I don't like winter in Wisconsin--Yep, I am one of 'those' people.)  Maybe if someone could show me how to enjoy a winter in Wisco I may feel different.  I like to send correspondence to friends/family through snail mail and email and I am very random about 'Thinking of you' emails and I catch myself wanting to do that more and more; so I'm listening to the true Jacki once again.  The boys and I are getting out more and it feels great.  And.  The scary thing I will confess in bold honesty; I am noticing MEN again.  For about 9 months I could have cared less if ANY existed.  Now the smell of a cologne, the sound of a man clearing his throat, a truck going down the street...... Make my head snap.  As much as I do not need this right now-- I am proud of myself for not giving up on the male species because of one guy of the  6,894,594,844 people didn't make my idea of lifelong happiness, respect and trust come true.   I even smiled at 'one' the other day for Christ's sake !!  (Progress, people!)  :-)  

Back to what's going on.   So here's the last few weeks in pix. 

Falling into the new routine.

Checking out the pontoon up nort'.

June 8, 2012
ALL of us were together for one afternoon, evening and  morning   it was the greatest 18 hours of my life in a while.  The coolest part about it was that it was the day I 'closed' on my home.   I got back from the bank and we all converged on my new address.  We all hopped out of the cars and I gave a tour and we went to the backyard and cracked open a bottle of champagne to christen the property-the whole time both my boys were whaling and sobbing because it was passed their nap time and they were starving.    Overall, I will NEVER forget that memory of my family blessing my home on its first day under my ownership.  I love them all so much and it was a wonderful coincidence we were all there.

Fun times at the cabin.

"Motor Boatin' on the PONTOON!"

Hanging out front.

Dirty as a little boy should be after playing in his new backyard.

Paradise:  For me. 

"Look Mama!  We're in a boat!"

We went to three parades so far this summer. 

I attended my first wedding after the divorce.  Surprisingly, I did awesome!

The 45 year-old tree in the front yard was removed.

We had a full week of temperatures in the high 90's early 100's. 

Play time. 

The Loves of My Life.

Time rolls on and new experiences happen for me and the boys each day.  Not sure how active I will be on Hopes, Wishes & Dreams throughout the rest of the summer-- I can't believe I haven't posted significantly in two months!   So, if I don't talk to you until fall.... Have a safe and great rest of the warm days!! !

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