Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harvest Happenings

It's harvest time here in Wisconsin. I've never been a country girl, but when this season rolls through I love nothing more than to be quiet at the cabin listening to the birch tree leaves shake free of their branches. I love the sound of the grasses blowing long in the fields and the first bite of air that catches your breath when opening the door to go outside in the mornings. Autumn has arrived and another year on the old ticker gone by. I have fallen into a new routine as of recent. Let me quickly update you on the bullet points of life for the past month. --My home now has eavestroughs. (YAY!) --My kitchen is in the process of being painted burgundy red. --Boomer has a few more white hairs on his face. --I started a new job in Dermatology (Wait, WHAT?!) --Carson learned the word "No!" He uses it at every juncture possible. --Nursing Assistant Coursework is underway for me and the first skills lab is 10/8. --The cabin's north wall has been completely remodelled and I plan to see it soon. --The basement in my home is ALMOST organized....almost. --I've made a LOT of cookies. My new position and my course work has been the primary focus for me. I am officially focused on becoming a Registered Nurse within in the next 4 years. I hope to graduate in either the Spring of 2016 or Fall 2016 Semester!! ! Here's Hoping! ! ! ! ! ! !

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