Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Pumpkins

This past weekend the boys and I made our way to visit their cousins for E's Birthday! The boys were extremely excited to pick out the gift at the store and Nathaniel could not WAIT to give it to her!

I was so thankful to have some time with our family as it has been quite a few months since we have been able to all see each other together.  Nathaniel and Carson LOVE playing with their cousins and are always super tuckered out when we get home on Sunday afternoon.  The Packers were playing during the ride home and it was quite the WIN for them and came down to the last few minutes before the outcome was determined.   Glad the boys were sleeping through that.... there MAY have been a few choice words slipping out of Papa Bill's/my mouth near the end. 

Fall is here and it is MARVELOUS!    Call me crazy, but I am thinking that the colors of the leaves are much more bright and vibrant and beautiful this year!   I can't get enough of the beauty each day when traveling about. I am beginning to switch my favorite season from Summer to Fall.  However, I love every single season and in about 14 weeks I will be saying the same thing about Winter.  But in the meantime, I am going to cherish the last few weeks of NOT raking.  HA!

Papa and Nana have become SUPER HEROS to N and C!  Almost each night Nathaniel will ask questions about papa and when he can go fishing with him again and when we can go to the cabin.  Once Nathaniel gets a little older he will be totally in heaven when Papa asks him to go on bass tournaments with him all the time.  Carson's been rather rambunctious at daycare (and at home lately).   Over the past two weeks we have had a couple injury reports needing to be signed when we pick him up.  We both have had him in time-out many times at home because he was hitting or shoving his brother.   It is starting to become embarrassing getting talked to by the teacher each night for him being rough with his friends.   I hope this stage soon passes.   I don't like that he is behaving this way.  He has always been a HUGE snuggler his whole life; this is hard to accept.

Life is good.   I am anticipating a busy few weeks coming up as two classes are starting.  One course I have to do book work and clinicals for and then I am also enrolled in an online psychology course which is something new for me--online coursework.  We shall see.    Have to start it up.  

Less than a week and my baby boy Carson will be two years old.   Unbelievable!

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