Saturday, October 27, 2012

Draggin' Dragons

I had a really fun afternoon planned for the boys and I....Downtown trick or treating!   I won't be able to go trick or treating with them on Halloween as I will be in class that night, so I left work on Friday to suit up some cuties in costume.  Some things you just have to recognize are priority compared to work--and THIS was one of them!   :-)  

Little did I expect that the boys would be super dooper exhausted--I had been 'pumping them up' all week (I think I was more excited to see them in their costumes than anything).   So we get home, have a snack and layer up the clothes.  It was close to 'booger-freezing' weather out there and both boys REFUSED to wear their mittens.  Regardless.... we had a good time.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Sweet fun Jacki! The boys are freakin' adorable in their costumes! <3 them!