Friday, October 26, 2012

Look Who's Two!

A very special little boy turned two recently and I thought I would post pictures of his important day!

Carson William Turns TWO!

He was gifted with a Cars Themed Party (as he is currently OBSESSED with "Queen" -Lightening McQueen).  I will never forget his face when he came home from daycare the day I had decorated the house.... I'm sure glad he had a diaper- fairly certain he DID pee his pants. 

Each year I try to give my boys the best birthday --better than the year before.  I do this as 1) Birthdays are a great way to celebrate the life you are living. 2) I want my boys to feel incredibly important and honored around their birthday-- as they are the greatest gifts I have ever received!  3) When I was a little girl, my mom took it upon herself to make sure I had a great party EVERY year and that my birthday was special for me.  I look back and realize how many wonderful memories I made at all of those parties.  Friends, games, food, cakes, laughs, music and happiness!  Gifts given in more ways than the physical sense. 

Carson had a lot of friends at his party and was blessed to play for about a good 45 minutes with each of them before the tots got a little restless.   Nathaniel was adamant about 'helping' Carson unwrap his gifts-- and during some of the gift opening we had to settle him down as he wanted it to be "My Pwez-ant."  Carson is a pretty laid back little man so thankfully he didn't mind the assistance.

We (mom and dad) both created a couple cardboard cars for the kids to play with and race with.  The original goal was to have his birthday party in the garage and race the cars in the yard with the kids--but a full day of steady rain prevented that from occurring on party day.  Regardless, kids are incredibly adaptable and they thought the props to be quite fun. 

I had a lot of satisfaction when the cake I made turned out as well as it did.   I always plan a few days in advance and bake the cake a couple days ahead.  Then when time permits and I get an hour of 'free' time (HA!  What's that?) I will make the frosting.  And THEN once I have all that prepped and I'm able to squeeze in a couple hours I get busy on frosting and decorating.  Cake making is one of the small pleasures in my life.  They aren't gorgeous cakes but I get relaxation from the concentration of focusing on one thing for more than 2 seconds at a time and I get enjoyment in seeing the reactions for the people I make them for and the yumminess inside the cake.    M & M's were bordering the edge of this "2" cake and some of the Cars from the movie, made it on-bringing extra smiles for My Boy.   This was a fun one to make!

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