Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm two weeks into the semester and thus far I have learned about bonds (covalent, non-polar covalent, ionic and hydrogen), major chemistry's of the human body and the specifics on each.  I have learned about APA format for paper writing.  I have learned the definitions of structuralism and functionalism and how it pertains to psychology.   I am learning what methods of study are best for me and how much I can handle when under stress.   I have also learned a few new skills and techniques at work.   Simply observing my physician (back from medical leave) I find it wonderful to have him as my 'side-kick' each day.  He is so personable, intelligent and a wonderful teacher to the patients (and me).  I feel like my head is growing by the day with the knowledge that's pouring in.  I want to keep going-- I am motivated to learn right now.  I find it to be a challenge for me in this semester ahead; these two courses.  I want to add yet another course on, but a couple of my friends are telling me to hold my horses until I am a few more weeks into the semester as the stress could increase.  I and the boys have been relatively healthy, for that, I am thankful. 

I look forward to Spring.  I know that once it gets nice out or even a day full of sunshine could turn my positive opinions of school right off, but hoping that is only temporary.

Thinking a lot about some of my friends right now who are in tricky relationships or relationships that are struggling to survive.  It makes me sad.  It also makes me fear what is happening to "love?"  It feels to me that love in the world is really having a difficult time surviving even the simplest things.   The devil has crept his way into the hearts of so many.... I want my children to have a strong knowledge and belief in Jesus so that He is in their hearts should they ever question faith, love or hope.

Today was a rambling sort of day.  For that, I apologize.  Just had to get out the words. 

Contemplating (above everything else) how I can make the boy's bedroom and play room a little more 'fun.'

Stay warm.

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