Monday, June 17, 2013

Becoming Real

     The past few weeks have been a blur.  Most importantly, I am going to be going to school for Nursing, starting VERY soon!  It will be challenging, but well worth all the hard work.  Last week I went over to the college to have an interview with the Dean of Nursing and as I was waiting in the library others (in nursing uniforms) were sitting a few tables away from me talking about IV's, tube placement, bowel sounds and dosages of medications and how to verify the "Seven Rights of Administration."  I got so jazzed up listening to them, I wanted to get started right then and there.  I know soon enough I will be complaining about the hard research assignments and case studies, so I will hold my tongue for now, it will be here soon enough.  Tomorrow my intentions after work are to drive over there and to test out of medical terminology and introduction to human biology.  I hope to do so as eight credits in on the line (24 hours extra studying per week-for classes I have already taken YEARS ago).  I hope I can apply all of my previous knowledge and of course the most recent information I learned in Anatomy and Physiology.  I should have my final schedule next week.  Getting the acceptance letter to the program in the mail yesterday was the highlight of my year so far.  After the last chaotic six months and all the hard work and everything I have been through up to receiving that letter finally made me feel as though I was accomplishing something great!  I pray that I can get through school without myself or the boys having any major health issues or any thing going wrong in the general 'flow' of day-to-day living.  I have been in another online course, introduction to sociology the last three weeks.  With the course being accelerated due to it being summer and only eight weeks long, there is a push to complete a lot of assignments quickly.  I ask my instructor to release the learning plans ahead of time for me so that I can get a jump on them for when the boys are gone and I have a few extra hours.   I want to have a good portion of the work complete prior to the core nursing courses starting.  Pray that the next few weeks are calm for me and the boys,  I need to stay focused on getting started and establishing 'routine' as much as possible, as soon as possible for the boys and I.  

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