Friday, June 21, 2013

Wonderful Day

     I'm afraid this is the type of situation I was in this morning when I woke up to a lightening bolt having a direct hit on the transmission box on the pole connected to my house.  The "BOOM!" was intense and terrified the boys right out of their beds.  Chaos ensued for about 10 minutes and I got the boys to daycare as soon as I could.  I had to get dressed in the 'dark' as the outside was pouring rain and the skies the darkest they had been in a long while.   My basement was leaking more water than it has in the past and I had to figure out what to do to keep everything 'at bay' while the power was out.  It took two hours for them to get the power back on in our community; which I was thankful for as I just went grocery shopping and purchased a whole month's worth of groceries.  More wet-vacuuming scheduled for when I get home today.

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