Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Old(er)

An excellent day for reflection:  Birthdays.  I love birthdays, especially my own.  I usually make a huge deal of it; take off from work, go out to eat, buy myself a couple things to make me smile....  the basics.   Today, I maintained the routine; ate my bowl of Cheerios, went to work, came home and played with the kids, did some homework and to just recently, farted around on the Internet until I realized I need to update my B-L-O-G.

Summer Quarter for Rasmussen College began a little over a week ago.  As a brand new student to the school I have to gush about how impressed I am with all of the counselors, advisers, instructors and program managers at this point.  Through the entire admission process there they have been nothing but cordial, proactive and encouraging in getting all of my pre-program checklist catered to.  In the last week I have had quite the steep learning curve with having to adjust to APA Formatting of papers, how to navigate the online courses (SO different than Midstate Technical College), and get to know a few of the ladies (and two gentlemen) who are in my courses.  Coinciding with these courses I am still schooling with one course through Midstate.  That class will be complete in two weeks when I then get a one week break and then jump right back in at MSTC with an advanced course (that I already had the book for, and it's local, so I decided to stay right in town for that one).  A little stressful for all concerned (oh yeah, that's just me) but worth the confusion.  Come December (20th, to be exact) I will be done with the chaos and will be able to dedicate all of my energies just at Rasmussen.  Like I said, these folks over there are just priceless.  So priceless in fact, that I took the program manager (who has been 'hand-holding' me since April) flowers last week.  She was an amazing resource and informant through my starting date.  My goal is to be done with school by December 2014. I am already pooped out from papers and the idea of papers as I read through each syllabus and schedule for each course and my brain is just spinning from all the information I do not yet understand and will soon have to apply in order to pass the courses.  I know I will do fine, I just want to muddle through these next few months and feel like I accomplished something.   One of the most wonderful things they showed the new nursing students at orientation was a graduation video from the college.  I could 'see' myself with that cap, tassel and gown and that ADN in my hands.  I can't wait!  Don't get me started on the N-CLEX Exam; that is one thing I am not excited about.

Two AWESOME things happened on this wonderful day in history. Today Nathaniel sang me the ABC's and Carson ASKED to use the potty at dinner time and actually did it!  I was SO impressed with both boys. 

Speaking of cute:  I plan to be it, once again.  It's no joke, since I got married (and since I got preggo with N) I have totally not focused on my body or the shape it's getting into.  Think:  Oompa Loompa with longer legs.  Motivation has been lacking, but in knowing that I will have some time during the schooling process to take a walk here and there between classes or just being able to focus a little more on my routine because I HAVE to. I whine and whine about my image and energy level that is lacking and I never do anything about it.  It's time.   It's time to get my butt in shape and stop using excuses.  I have two beautiful little boys that I want to have energy to play with.  I have one son who asked very innocently the other day, "Momma?  Why is your tummy so big?"    UGH.   That was awful.  I joked it off with him but inside was just crumbling emotionally and beating myself up for letting myself 'go' that much.  What the heck is my problem?  I know I have been through a lot in the last few years, but there is always 'life' happening and it's my job to learn how to roll with it and still be healthy at the same time.  I want to be around for a long time to see my little babies grow into 20-somethings and get married and go to school themselves and start a career and begin a family (or whatever path their life may take).  I want to show them how to be healthy; not a bump on a log who is so addicted to sugar that she can't go a day without a diet soda (fake sugar) and/or some processed candy or frozen sweet treat.  YUCK!   I want to take them for bike rides, show them how to play kickball and throw Frisbees, battle badmitton and ice skate!   Today I googled "Motivation for a healthy lifestyle" or something of the like and I got my mental energy amped up for making 'it' happen.  No more sloppy stretchy pants.  No more sweets on a daily basis (Gosh, that's gonna suck).  No more sitting still when I know I could be doing a Wii Just Dance or some Turbo Jam--which I love doing.  I miss dancing.  I want to feel and look healthy.  So be it.  I will be a nurse AND cute...sooner, rather than later!

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