Monday, August 5, 2013

In two days I will have made it through to the halfway point of my 'first' quarter.  It has been amazing thus far.  LOTS of assignments and new expectations for assignments (APA Format--errrr! Discussion Board Posting etiquette and even learning how to change a Power Point).   Quite the ride!  I have met a whole lot of other ladies (and two gents) who are making my classes fun and worthwhile. I finished Sociology-- and got an "A" in that!  :-)

I am dedicated to getting more slim and fit as well as eating better.  So far in the past eight days I have lost eight pounds.  Pretty good if you ask me.   A lot has actually been going on around here in regards to beautifying the house, but I am too tired to talk about it now.  I hope to be back on here sooner than later to fill you in.  Peace out!

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