Monday, August 19, 2013

Does Somebody Have a Case of the Mondays?

My simple answer to the question is, "No.  I don't have time to have a 'case of the Mondays."  I am too darn busy to even know what day it is lately!  The past few weeks I have been rolling with the flow as far as homework goes and squeaking by with homework on the weekends in which the boys are home with me.  The weekends they are elsewhere I can give it 110% and plow through a lot of the next weeks readings ahead of time (which will save my toosh in the future, I am sure). I really enjoy the feeling I get when completing things ahead of time.  I do feel as though I am being successful in getting schoolwork accomplished and I am giving about 96% effort into each assignment, but there is still that small percentage that makes me doubt if I am giving it everything I've got.   Maybe it's the simple fact that every few months, I am transitioning (by life transitions) with life experiences.  Over the last year SO much has happened as far as getting my 'next step' moving forward. The boys switched back to their old daycare. I became a CNA.  I have already completed nine college level courses within the last eight months (all A's; thank you very much!), got accepted into nursing school, started the nursing program, I have two more classes I am starting in the next two weeks in addition to the three I am already in. And I have three more classes which I am starting the beginning of October (while the other three courses wrap up).  It's chaos.  Organized chaos.  I ask myself some days if I am on the verge of 'burnout.'  How could I be, I ask myself?  I just started!  To ground myself I recognize that I knew that it would be like this.  That chaos would indeed come my way.  That I could no longer focus on friends, house and relationships 110%. It's knowing that this 'snapshot' of my life will be quick. (as one of my instructors states).  I have to remember my main goal in becoming a nurse.

1)  I know I will be an excellent nurse and I am eager to get on 'the floor' and begin showing patients and families the compassion of nursing.

2) Showing my boys that it is never too late to chase a dream.  They will watch it become reality for me.  They may not understand it at their current ages, but as they grow into men, I pray that they will understand the value of education.

3) Providing for my boys and myself and to care for myself in a way I could never before, with confidence.

4)  Teaching my boys how to be a caregiver and portray kindness is key in life. 

I look forward to what the next couple of weeks will be dealing out for me.  I know it will be another challenge that I will undertake.  I do know that as I move forward in school, nothing will be as stressful as two years ago was for me; and for that, I will succeed many times over in this endeavor.

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