Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thirteen into Fifteen

The 13th of the month already? How did this happen?

Life is going well with the boys and we are clipping along at a steady pace. Carson has been battling Strep. throat over the last month and is febrile again tonight--so I have to keep an eye on him.   We had an excellent Christmas and New Year's Celebration and I couldn't be more thrilled that my house is all cleaned up (except for the nativity-which I like to keep up a little longer).  The weather has been BEYOND freezing (-10') with a -30 to -40 wind chill over the last two weeks which limits our outdoor activity. Having two boys our cabin fever sets in rather quick around here--I look forward to taking the boys to the park, going on bike rides and making a mess in the backyard with footballs, baseballs, sprinklers/Slip and Slides and Frisbees.   My poor heater barely gets a chance to rest in between it's cycles and I try to shut 'down' as many vents in unused areas of the house so I can conserve.  Boomer turned nine years old a few days ago! He is trying to hide his wrinkles here....

Lots of exciting changes and motivations happening for me. I felt a 'shift' in energy within the last couple days and am looking forward to what this year will bring.  Most importantly will be the realization of my dreams coming true and living with purpose by caring for others; which is what I know I was called to do in this life.  Being in school and all that it entails (with uncertainty and stress) it will be wonderful to live with routine in times, locations, faces, meals and sleep.  When no longer in the throws of college there is an appreciation of simplicity and the mundane.  I truly can not WAIT to take a few days up at the cabin when the weather gets nice to just relax and play with the kids! 

My goals for the year are to build a stronger relationship with God, our Savior.  Fully forgive others and myself for hurts of the past.  Crank out some great workouts and start jogging again--I need to build strength in my lower back.  Ever since I had the boys, my lower back has been messed up and I know that a huge part of getting stronger will be building my core up.  My major physical goal is to run in a 5K this summer with my good friend.  I want to take a week long vacation with the boys somewhere (maybe South Dakota/Yellowstone/Anywhere not here).  Being able to meet some of my financial goals would be wonderful as well.  So... just a few small goals for 2015.  :-)   What are your goals for this year?!  Are you as ambitious as I am or more conservative?  I believe that we can all meet our goals when focused, best wishes for you!

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