Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Go Pack! GO!"

Between all of the painting and Christmas concerts we decided that an adventure was needed to stir up the boys curiosity a bit.  Nathaniel had been talking for weeks about Aaron Rodgers and how when he grows up he wants to be a Green Bay Packer!  This morning we had an opportunity to travel over to the 'Frozen Tundra' for a fun day trip!  Who on earth would travel to Lambeau Field on a day when the Packers are playing at an away game..?    US! 

I was surprised as every time I go there (not even to watch a game) there is something new to explore.  This time I was shocked to see how large the Packers Pro Shop has gotten! The boys were in heaven checking out all the little knick-knacks, toys, hats and footballs. With the boys both being so young (and FREE) we took advantage of taking a Lambeau Field Tour for $11.00 for each of us--for the hour long tour.  Knowing that the Packers were elsewhere today, I was pumped to be able to actually go out on the 'field' (more on that later). 

Once we rode up the escalator, the boys were able to shake out their giggles and wiggles in the large atrium.  Coincidentally, this is about the time kick-off was happening in Tampa Bay--we were able to watch the game as we hung out til tour time.  The boys enjoyed tackles and plays with the hash marks laid out within the flooring.  For almost an hour the boys were completely content--even though we weren't really doing anything other than looking around.... the atmosphere was full of energy. The atrium can be deceiving because it is so spaced out that it doesn't feel like there are a lot of people because everyone is tucked back in their own corners.  However, when the Packers made a great play, the ENTIRE atrium filled with shouts and cheers; it was pretty sweet! Even though we couldn't see all the fans, they were there.

When the tour started we were ushered up to the fourth floor and were allowed into an $83,000/year suite! (and that was the smallest size)  The boys were very excited to finally see the field (and I was excited to see the latest additional of 7,000 seats on the south end).  As per usual, I am in awe for about the first five minutes--it's just such a cool place.

This picture shows the green seating (the newest seating added on prior to the beginning of this season).  We received a significant amount of Green Bay Packers history while sitting in this box.  It was humbling to hear just how things came to be and how much tradition is carried through with this team.  I felt so proud to be a Packer Fan when the great story of the team's birth and legends was being told.  We had individuals from New Jersey and Upper Michigan on the tour; we were the only 'Wisconsinites.'  After the suite we were taken down to the basement (which is unlike any other basement in the NFL.... Two racquetball courts, a basketball court, a workout center, cafeterias, etc... it's more like an insane YMCA!  When we got off the elevator the boys got excited because they knew that we were about to go near the field--Carson wanted to get out there NOW...he was pulling on my coat the whole time!  We zipped up our coats and made our way through The Tunnel.  I didn't think it would be so awesome; but let me just say, I was again humbled by the awesomeness. To know of ALL of the players and greatness to come through there, it almost teared me up!  There is a bunch of tradition within the walk out to the field, I will save those trinkets as a surprise for those who haven't done the tour.  

Joel-Our Tour Guide

Our tour guide had awesome information, was great with my young boys, and had a True Packer Fan Spirit--it just felt good to hang out with him for an hour.  The boys were amazed that the field screens were so incredibly huge and as wide as two of our houses! 

As we were about to leave the field we called out to a major Green Bay Packer Legend by shouting out into the field--"Go PACK! GO!"  The boys later told me that this was their favorite part of the whole day (It was mine too).

Once we got back up to the atrium for the closing of the tour it was halftime and the boys were HUN-GRY (this means so incredibly cranky that mom is about to lose her mind).   We thanked Joel and went up to Curly's Pub (where the noisy folks were hiding out).  I was happy our hostess seated us in a booth looking right over the front of the stadium.  I 'went crazy' and ordered a soda, Nathaniel got a root beer in a glass bottle (living on the edge) and Carson stuck with his usual chocolate milk!  Jason and my burgers had this awesome branding when our dishes arrived.... it was picture worthy.  And... now I want a Green Bay Packer 'brander' for my kitchen.

As we left, the Packers clenched another win and we are one step closer to the NFC North Championship!  Only 6 days, 16 hours, 23 minutes and 42 seconds until their next kickoff!  GO PACK! GO! SUCH an amazing day!

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