Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Best Parts of Each Season

When I thought of doing this post, I was simply planning on picking one or two photos for each season and that would be it.  However, when I started looking through my photo app. I started racking up quite a few--46 to be exact.  Observing the fantastic-ness and beauty of each season is really hard for me to narrow down.  My boys and I are SO lucky to live in Wisconsin; where we live and breathe each season for an average of 14 weeks.. (Winter came WAY early this year--it will be more like 21 or 22 this time around). True-to-form, my favorite season (summer) had the most pictures and my least favorite (winter) had the least.

 Watching the crops begin their journey and BLUE Skies!
After six months of gray and white--this is a welcome view.

 The daffodils and tulips are the first to announce we are close to warmer temperatures
--again, I love the color!

Our first trip up north to the cabin happens once the driveway snow melts (around 2nd week of April)
enough so we can let the vehicles in. 
I love watching the new little lives of ducks, deer and others grace the shore.

 Easter is probably my most favorite holiday. I love why we celebrate, I love the traditions surrounding it, I love the Easter egg hunts, I love the Peeps (yep, I am one of those people), I love the pastel colors, I love the jellybeans.   "Christ is Risen, Indeed!"  :-)

Lilacs and their scent.  I don't like the allergies they push on me--oh, but it's worth it.

The first trip to the garden center has to be one of my most favorite days of the year. 
The smell of dirt and seeds. 
Flowers and fertilizer. 
Coming home with the first potted plant of the year always makes me smile. 
Seeing the green grass NEXT to the potted plant; that calls for a grill out!
The FIRST grill out of the year!

 Playing outside can resume comfortably!
The days are getting longer.

Hydrangeas bloom near the end of May/beginning of June; they are absolutely my most FAVORITE
'flower' (bush) that exists in my region.

The trees begin to bud their flowers, and leaves are becoming abundant.  This is also another week where my allergies amplify--but I LOVE the beauty of the colors and life that comes out in nature. 

 The cabin. No filter, every sunset is different and just as beautiful.

Wildlife is everywhere.

Being on the water is best!  Water sports, swimming, fishing... all of it.

Sparkles on the water.

Watching the summer rain scatter across the lake from the deck.

Fun with family in the brilliant sunshine.

Again....Grilling out. An excellent brat with some Secret Stadium Sauce is BEST!

THE. Milwaukee Brewers! The games. Tailgating. Brats. Beer. Baseball cookies.

My Birthday is in the summer -- and I always try to take the day off from work, be with family, do something I enjoy and thank God for another year lived. 


Leaves changing.  'Peak week' is usually the second week of October in these parts. 
That week is also celebrated now because of Carson's Birthday being then.... I am so thankful for the best part of autumn occurs the same week he was born.  
(Picture below) was taken 6 days before his birth; I was contracting irregularly from this day forward until he was born.  I believed that the delivery would never come... but he did! And was it ever worth the hard work!

The smell of wet leaves.  
Hiking in the woods in autumn.  Peaceful. Open.  Cool. 

Best part of Autumn???   The cabin... again.

Caramel apples. Sweatshirts. Fire in the fireplace.

The Canadian Geese come for a visit as they travel south... they spend many weeks in town.

Below is showing the best part of autumn: The last fishing day with Papa before the lake freezes.


Frost on the trees upon waking up has to be the best part of winter.

Sparkles in the snow.

Drinks in the snow: Major benefit of living in cold temperatures

Opportunities for snow forts

Snuggling with babies while watching Christmas Parades is a 'Best!'

Walking 'the hill' at (guess where?) THE CABIN... and SLEDDING!!!!!

Watchin' Da Packers (with these two cuties--my BFF)!

That's all I got for now....
A little bit random of a post, but hopefully you can feel the beauty that I see and experience throughout my year!  

Blessed to enjoy the best of the FOUR SEASONS where I live and love!

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