Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Reality

The feeling I was experiencing in this photo is known as 'euphoria.'  A feeling of well-being or elation.  The past year (since the last post) has been incredibly busy and life-changing and all for the good.  No, GREAT!  After my parents celebrated their 45th Wedding Anniversary, spring, summer, fall and winter rolled through.  Now we are back at SPRING--my favorite season!  Okay, no wait, Summer is.  But Spring is the runner-up.   Over the past year the boys have been active in all of the following:  Cub Scouts; Nathaniel is now a Wolf and will soon be a Bear, Carson is a Lion and will soon be a Tiger. They have participated in: Swimming Lessons and are both doing GREAT there!  They have wrapped up the Tae Kwon Do for now and have also been in soccer, baseball and football.  Here are their most RECENT baseball pictures from last week... they are getting SO big!

Carson on 3rd Base

Nathaniel is now 8!
Over the last year both boys have lost three teeth each!  Get this: Carson (my younger of the two) always looses his tooth first and within about 4-5 weeks Nathaniel will lose HIS...and it has been the SAME THREE TEETH IN THAT ORDER FOR BOTH BOYS!  It is bizarre! I need to get a side-by-side picture of this because I am sure it won't continue this way forever but let me tell ya,...the tooth fairy sure is missing her gumball machine money!

One other AMAZING thing that happened within the last year is that I secured my dream job back at the local clinic --but this time as an RN. In the department that I love and missed for years and wanted to get back into oncology--so here I am with the group I love and caring for the patients that I love.

Then the most AMAZING news of all.... I am engaged to JASON! !! It happened in March of this year on a night we went out to dinner with all of our boys.  What a great night it was!

As we move forward in 2017,  I look forward to what the days will bring. Hopes, wishes and dreams.

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