Friday, January 8, 2016

Party Like It's 2016!

Eight days in and so far 2016 has treated me well.  The second day of the year my parents celebrated their 45th Wedding Anniversary! My siblings and I hosted a surprise party for them and it was MAaaaa-rvelous!  I was so thankful to have us all together again, even if it was for two days.  I love it when we are all together--I can only imagine the happiness and peace it brings mom and dad to have all three of us (and our families) under the same roof for a night. 

My sister, brother and I.

My mom knew that the party was going to be happening, however, my dad had absolutely no clue! Mom thought it was a party to celebrate Dad's cancer going into remission and life in general.. . She had no idea that we were going to be focusing 100% on their anniversary.  Well, we did and it was a blast!


Mom was still surprised by the outpouring of love and all of the guests who arrived to make it for their special day.  We had a band, a caterer, a cake and lots of family and friends to share our time with.

This was fantastic tasting cake.

It was so wonderful to see all of our family and friends that us kids have grown up with.  Catching up as an adult I can see why my parents chose the friends they did; they are all wonderfully kind and down-to-earth individuals. We were so thankful that so many came.

This is just one half of the room that were ready to surprise Mom & Dad.

Prior to preparing for the party, Christmas came around.  My boys enjoyed it immensely this year and were 100% believers in the 'magic' surrounding it all.  We spoke a lot about the Birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas.  They also were caught up in the idea of Santa Clause and trying to be on their best behaviors for the whole month of December (contrary to popular belief, they are not angels all the time). ;-)    Regardless, Santa did make a visit once they sent off their letters at the downtown mailbox.  The boys were not disappointed by Santa's Blessings. 

My greatest gift of all was wishing and receiving that my dad's cancer was in remission.  A couple weeks before Christmas he had another PET Scan and it reflected back what we were all so deeply wishing for.  He is feeling well currently and has severe peripheral neuropathy to manage.  He has good days and bad with it, but for the most part, he is good.  It beats the alternative.

Nathaniel received his Cub Scout Ranking of Bobcat last night.  He is so proud of himself as he learns new skills.  His confidence and motivation has increased greatly since becoming a scout and we couldn't be prouder of his accomplishment.  Nathaniel and Carson are both currently enrolled in Tae Kwon Do and swimming.  Each day they are learning so much at school and they are growing in to such handsome young men.  I couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments.  I love you both SO much! Nathaniel is taking off on his independent reading skills and Carson is understanding the concept of writing letters and enjoys making me 'gifts' every night while we mingle around the house.  My love continues to grow and grow for them as they live and learn... Being a mother to these two boys is the greatest gift I have EVER received. 

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